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The mission of the Joplin Emancipation Committee is to keep alive those joys of freedom that were once embellished by the newly freed slave. This is done by commemorating the strength of the Black-American’s culture, family, and tradition that was spawned out of the era of slavery. In addition, it is the committee’s mission to preserve the knowledge of the struggle to obtain emancipation from the institution of slavery by:

-Informing individuals of all cultural backgrounds the importance of our liberties in the state of Missouri and throughout the country.

-Educating and bringing awareness to the public about Black-American heritage in Missouri.

-Sponsoring various programs designed to mentor youth in the various local communities.

-Providing recreational activities to the community, with an emphasis being placed on Joplin's Ewert Park, the designated public park for Black-Americans during the era of segregation.

-Bringing cultural awareness type events to present to the community for the sake of enlightenment towards the preservation of emancipation for all people.

-Bringing live entertainment and activities to the public in the representation of the celebration of the very principle concerning emancipation.

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